Living in Szczecin

Cross-border walks in Szczecin

Throughout September we can still visit Szczecin accompanied by guides in German, English and Ukrainian. Each September Saturday, the walk takes place under a different theme. Details on the various installments of the event are available at the Tourist Information Center, Visit Szczecin’s Facebook page or on the website It’s worth hurrying, because places […]

Scandinavian Szczecin

Both the geographic location of Szczecin and its unique character: low population density, abundance of greenery surrounded by water, openness of space, work-life balance attitude makes it the city that is closest in Poland to understanding the Scandinavian concept of “hygge”. There are currently more than 160 companies with Scandinavian capital in Szczecin. Also stationed […]

Paid Parking Zone in Szczecin

Szczecin, like other major Polish cities, has many places to park a car in the center. The condition is to pay a parking fee. You can park your car in the more expensive so-called red zone A and in the slightly cheaper so-called yellow zone B.  Parking meters are at the disposal of drivers, where […]

The Night of Museums Szczecin 2023

The Night of Museums is an annual cultural event during which galleries, museums and all cultural institutions are available to people during nighttime.  Every year, the organizers prepare unique attractions and make normally inaccessible places available for visitors. There are concerts, workshops and performances maintained in the atmosphere associated with a given place.  The whole […]

Szczecin Tourist Card

Summer is in full swing, the heat has temporarily left us – a great time to explore Szczecin! The ideal partner for a trip is the Szczecin Tourist Card. A relatively small financial outlay – 20 PLN for the 24-hour version or 30 PLN for the 72-hour version, and we’re in for a power of […]

Recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin

This year’s recruitment for dormitories in Szczecin is still ongoing. A total of over 320 vacancies are waiting for those interested.  Recruitment to dormitories is carried out for available places. That means that it does not include those who are already living in a dormitory and have submitted an application for continuation of their stay […]

Sail Szczecin 2023

August in Szczecin means many events worth noting. The most important of these will take place on the weekend of August 18-20. The grand event on the Oder River – Sails 2023 is the successor to the former Days of the Sea or Tall Ship Reaces. The festival of sails is a great family event […]

Rent an apartment from the city

The offer of apartments in exchange for renovation has never been so popular as it is now. The reason is, among others, the changes made in the Small Improvements Program.  Apply from home From now on, residents can also apply to rent an apartment via the website: They will find both flats available in […]

Motoeksperymentarium SMYK

“Full craziness” at the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin.  These are the words that visitors to the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin describe the new exhibition. The Museum has so far been associated with the history of the automotive industry and interesting but static exhibits. From February 1, 2023, the space […]


In connection with the pilot project of standardization of activities for families, possible to be implemented by local government units; the city of Szczecin was one of the first cities in Poland to receive the honourable CERTIFICATE OF FAMILY-FRIENDLY LOCAL GOVERNMENT.  The Association of Large Families 3+ also agreed to obtain this title, appreciating the […]

Large Family Card

The Large Family Card is a system of discounts and additional rights for families 3+ both, in public institutions and in private companies. The LFC holders have the possibility to benefit from the offer provided for by entities cheaper, among others, from the food, fuel, banking or recreation industry. The LFC supports large families’ budgets […]

Carbon additive

Act of September 15, 2022 on special solutions for certain heat sources in connection with the situation on the fuel market – rules and the amount of a one-off benefit paid to people who heat their homes with coal or carbon-derived fuel. Rates: – 3000 PLN – when wood pellets are used for heating, – […]

Summer holidays 2021 – a short guide.

When is it possible to withdraw from the package travel? A consumer may withdraw from a contract due to the occurrence of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances at the place of the package travel or its immediate vicinity, which have a significant impact on the implementation of the package travel or the transport of travellers to […]

How to get medical help?

When living in Poland, you can sign up to the clinic appropriate for your place of residence or any other. To sign you need to apply to the selected institution with the choice of a family doctor. You will go to this doctor for a visit in case of colds, malaise, and also for a […]

How to use public transport in Szczecin?

In Szczecin, you can travel by public transport, i.e. buses and trams. Their schedule and routes can be checked on this page,wedlug-linii. In public transport, the following apply one-time temporary tickets, daily and multi-day tickets, monthly tickets, three-month tickets. Their prices can be found at:,bilety-orazowe and fees, tickets-term.

Can I open a bank account in Poland?

Currently, most banks allow a foreigner to open an account in Poland. In some of them, you can only settle it in person, but more and more banks allow you to set up an account electronically. Before choosing a bank, check whether to open an account you must be a resident (have a registration) or […]

Where to look for a flat for rent?

You can search for a flat to rent in two ways: – independently via internet and social networking sites such as: Facebook (here you can find various groups with apartments offers),,,,,, etc. – using the help of a real estate office (choosing this option, be prepared to pay for this […]

Are there dedicated places for foreigners in Szczecin?

Off course! There are restaurants, shops, as well as cultural facilities where you can find offers also addressed to foreigners. Here are some examples: Ukraineczka Restaurant – ul. Panieńska 19, Chinkalnia Georgian Restaurant – ul. Śląska 9, Georgian Cuisine ‘Imereti: – ul. Marshal Józef Piłsudski 31/2 Ukrainoczka – Eastern delicatessen – al. Independence 4 Helios […]

Which holidays in Poland are non-working days?

There are holidays in Poland, which celebration is connected with public holidays. When do they occur? – 1st of January – New Year – 6th of January – Epiphany – Easter (the date is flexible, but the holiday always falls on Sunday, in the second half of March or in April) – Easter Monday (the […]

I live with my family in Szczecin, where and what kind of benefits can I receive?

In Szczecin you can receive financial support from the following institutions: I. SZCZECIN’S PENSION CENTER ul. Kadłubka 12, 71-521 Szczecin phone 091 4427-100 (secretary), fax 091 4427-101 Office hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:30 (the Customer Service Office is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:00) BRANCH OFFICE – ul. Kaszubska […]

Where can I learn the Polish language in Szczecin?

There are some places in Szczecin where you can learn Polish. Special courses for foreigners are organized, among others: The University of Szczecin – weekend course (120 hours in total) during which you will learn how to properly talk with the employer, what you can expect from your employer as a foreigner, how to speak […]