Rent an apartment from the city

The offer of apartments in exchange for renovation has never been so popular as it is now. The reason is, among others, the changes made in the Small Improvements Program. 

Apply from home

From now on, residents can also apply to rent an apartment via the website: They will find both flats available in the permanent offer and properties available in temporary recruitments. On the site of each apartment, there is a form, an electronic version of the form known to the residents so far as a paper application. After filling in all the data, the person interested in renting can download the finished document to a PDF file and then: 

-authorize it using a trusted profile, 

-sign it electronically using a qualified signature, 

-print, sign and scan the document to a PDF file.

A document signed using one of the above methods can be sent using the mentioned form available on the website of the selected apartment to the Management of Buildings and Municipal Premises. 


The list of premises in exchange for renovation includes apartments of various standards. A resident who chooses a lower-standard apartment may receive financial support, provided obtaining the necessary permits. A person performing the repairs under the Small Improvements Program can count on the support of up to PLN 40,000, including documentation costs.