Stettin’s birthday 2024

Szczecin’s Birthday – this is how city officials and residents celebrate the anniversary of the handover of the city’s administration on July 5, 1945. Since then, we have celebrated this day every year, counting down the years of Szczecin in Poland.

This year it is time to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the event. The traditional celebration is scheduled for the first weekend of July. As every year, the city has planned many attractions for this day. The birthday party will take place on July 7 on Różanka. Szczecinians are invited to taste delicious cakes – this year two are planned – each weighing 79 kilograms. Traditionally, the cake will be served by the Mayor of Szczecin – Piotr Krzystek.

This is just the beginning of the attractions that await us. Concerts, games and activities for the youngest, as well as dancing to hits from the 60s – these are just some of the proposals that await us on that day.

We’ll see you at the birthday party!

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