Szczecin’s birthday celebration

The 5th of July marked the 78th anniversary of the Polish administration taking over the government of Szczecin. 

On this occasion, like every year, a joint celebration of the City’s birthday was held. One of the traditions associated with the birthday of Szczecin is the awarding of the honorary title of Ambassador of Szczecin. It can be received by people whose achievements contribute to building a positive image of the City. Interestingly, residents can also submit institutions or even movable objects (such as vehicles, ships, sailing ships, etc.) whose activities and reputation help promote the capital of West Pomerania. 

This year, the titles of Ambassadors were received by a sailor Agnieszka Skrzypulec-Szota, and the duo of DJs and producers of electronic music – Catz ‘n Dogz. 

Simultaneously, during the ceremonial session of the Szczecin City Council, the Medal for Merits for the City was also awarded. It was received by Prof. Tomasz Grodzki, a specialist in thoracic surgery and Senate marshal. 

In addition, as part of the celebration of the city’s birthday, another film from the series “Pytania o Szczecin – 5 Lipca” was made. This time, the material presents the history of the city. 

The production can be seen on the website: and on the Facebook page: Pytania o Szczecin.