The Night of Museums Szczecin 2023

The Night of Museums is an annual cultural event during which galleries, museums and all cultural institutions are available to people during nighttime. 

Every year, the organizers prepare unique attractions and make normally inaccessible places available for visitors. There are concerts, workshops and performances maintained in the atmosphere associated with a given place. 

The whole city comes alive at night to celebrate. Queues in front of individual buildings confirm that we are sensitive toward beauty and art and need a spiritual feast.

In Szczecin, the Night of Museums will take place for the 17th time on the night of May 13th/14th, and it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated annual attractions of the city. 

As part of this event, the City Hall will let visitors into the Mayor’s room, and the Mayor of Szczecin himself – Piotr Krzystek – will speak about the history of the interior and share interesting facts. 

In addition, visitors will be able to see an underground shelter, a session room, a wedding hall and a library.

źródło : Wiadomości Szczecin – Wszystkie informacje z miasta zawsze pod ręką.