ZBILK’S NEW OFFER “Home for the Family”

Two renovated residential units of over 110 meters each, in the very center of the city – this is another offer from Szczecin ZBILK.

The offer is aimed at large families with a minimum of five children up to the age of 18 (under certain conditions up to the age of 25).

In addition to the number of family members, other criteria are important – including the amount of income per Family, the need for a minimum of one member of the family to show a steady income independent of social support, a positive history of previous tenancy of the premises – no debts, taking care of the used premises.

It is also important that family members have no problems with stimulants such as alcohol, drugs, etc.

Documents can be submitted until November 17 this year.

More relevant details including:

– definition of Large Family;

– detailed conditions to be met;

– minimum and maximum per capita income, and much more, can be found at the links below: