ZWiK and ZUK watering holes.

When planning to spend time outdoors, remember that there are places in Szczecin where you can fill your bidons or bottles with tested, drinkable water without any worries. 

Two entities take care of proper hydration of Szczecin residents – ZWiK encourages the use of those located at the Arkonka walking path, on the Bulwary or Różanka. 

 ZUK has similar devices. These, in turn, are located in Wojtek Bear Square, in parks: Wolności, Kasprowicza, in Psie Pole on Os Zawadzki Park Wolności, at Chelminek skatepark or in Szymanowskiego Street.

Let’s look out for these water drinkers and use them not only to wash our hands or face. Drinking clean water instead of sugary carbonated drinks is meant to build good eating habits on the one hand, and carries such an important environmental message for our planet.

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