500 + for the foreigner – step by step

The application can only be submitted online, on the ZUS PUE platform. If you want to log in to pue you need a trusted profile and a mobile phone. After submitting the application for 500+, a decision on granting the benefit will be made at PUE. On Saturday and Sunday, ZUS offices will be open for Ukrainian citizens who want to apply for 500+. It is possible to fill in the application for the child benefit in each ZUS branch with the assistance of an official, on a computer provided on site.

What do you need? A PESEL number and an account in a Polish bank.

What is important? you don’t speak Polish – it won’t be a problem to apply for 500+. The application will also be in Ukrainian.

If 500 + per child is granted, the foreigner has payments for 18 months – without the need to submit further applications, of course, provided that they stay in Poland. If they leave for another country or return to Ukraine, the support will no longer be paid.