Nostrification of diploma

As a result of nostrification, a certificate is obtained, confirming that the diploma achieved abroad is recognized as equivalent to the specified Polish diploma and the specified job title. A nostrification form must be submitted to a university with A+, A, or B+ category in the specified field. 

The nostrification form must be submitted with the attached:

-higher education diploma

-documents enabling evaluation of the course of studies, obtained results, and duration of studies,

-certificate, diploma, or other document based on which the applicant has been admitted to a university,

-a statement about the applicant’s place and date of birth.

Based on submitted documents, the university performs a comparative assessment with similar studies taught in the institution investigating the application. If the university state any differences in this area, it might require the applicant to take certain examinations or apprenticeships to reduce noticed disparities. 

The time limit for settling things is 90 days after submitting a set of documents. The application is subject to a fee, which maximum amount is PLN 3 205. An application for full or partial exemption from the fee can be submitted – the conditions and mode of exemption are determined by the university. 

After the proceedings, the university issue a certificate confirming the applicant’s graduation on first/second cycle studies or uniform master’s studies conducted at a Polish university.

academic categories at the University: