Legal work


As last year, the Association of Friends of the Faculty of Computer Science in Szczecin, in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, is organizing a job fair on 19.03.2023 to establish academic-business relations in the IT industry.  The event will showcase twenty companies from Szczecin […]

Tax residence

The war in Ukraine broke out on February 24, so for the first refugees, it has been 183 days since entering our country. After this period, a person residing in a given country may be subject to an absolute tax obligation in the country of residence, provided that several conditions are met.  According to Art. […]

Pension – based information

If you have worked in Poland and Ukraine and are now applying for a pension, read the information below. If you live in the territory of Poland:  1. fill in the appropriate form on provision from ZUS:  2. to the application for a pension attach documents that justify granting you this provision from ZUS and […]

Unregistered activity as a way of running a business by foreigners

In Polish law, it is necessary to register your business in the relevant register to run your own business. This register depends on many factors, including especially the assumed legal form of the enterprise.  Nevertheless, not everyone needs to run a large-scale company. Non-registered businesses serve such small gainful activities. Its basic criteria are: – […]

Nostrification of diploma

As a result of nostrification, a certificate is obtained, confirming that the diploma achieved abroad is recognized as equivalent to the specified Polish diploma and the specified job title. A nostrification form must be submitted to a university with A+, A, or B+ category in the specified field.  The nostrification form must be submitted with […]

New regulations on employing foreigners

New regulations on employing foreigners 1. Extension of declarations deadline from 6 to 24 months 2. The simplified procedure for granting temporary residence and work permits concerns procedures for granting temporary residence and work permits, which were started before January 1, 2021 and were not completed until the effective date of the Act. This solution […]

What documents legalize work in Poland?

Documents that are legalizing work in Poland are: statement on entrusting the performance of work – on its basis you can work a maximum of 6 months in the last 12 months, work permission – authorizes you to work for up to three years, seasonal work permission – you can work under it up to […]

Who is responsible for legal work?

For the illegal entrustment of work, your employer may be fined, and if the illegal employment id continued – he may be banned from employing foreigners. It is mostly his responsibility to employ you legally. Although remember that it is in part also your duty. You can also be fined or even deported. That is […]