What are the employer’s rights and obligations towards the employee?

An employer is obligated to claim for your legalization documents before the employment. Furthermore, his responsibilities are checking the validity of documents allowing you to work in Poland, as well as to report to the relevant office whether you have taken the position or not. If you have a declaration of entrustment to work, you can report to the office about the completion of the work yourself. Thanks to this, you do not lose days from the time of 6 months as you finished your work and you can use those days for work elsewhere.

Some employers do not hand on legalization documents to their employees – it should not be like this! You have the right to demand that them to be given to you and your employer cannot refuse you, especially since you have partial responsibility for the illegal performance of work.

Acquiring all legalization documents are free of charge for you. The employer is obligated to pay all charges for them, except for the so-called Residence Card. The fee for this card should be paid to the city hall. If your employer demands any money from you for proceeding the work legalization documents or handing them to you – he conducts against the law and should be punished.