A Psychological Support Program for Children and Youth is being established

Improving the mental state of young residents of Szczecin, supporting relationship building and learning soft skills – these are the basic assumptions of the City’s Program aimed at students, teachers and parents of Szczecin schoolchildren.

The emerging Program of Psychological Support for Children, Youth and Teachers is the City’s response to the problems afflicting young residents of Szczecin, which emerged, among other things, after the COVID-19 pandemic. As the City’s research shows, the group that has been hard hit by this undoubtedly difficult period are children and youth. Long-term isolation, fear of the health of loved ones and their own, lack of a sense of security – these are factors that have significantly affected mental and health conditions. 

Situations related to the government’s educational reform, the influx of refugees from war-stricken Ukraine and teachers’ strikes also had an impact on the decision to implement such an important Program.

To help young residents of Szczecin, who also face problems such as learning difficulties, lack of ability to establish and maintain relationships, depressive states and various addictions, it will be necessary to launch comprehensive measures. Therefore, teachers and parents will also be supported. 

As stated by the Mayor of Szczecin – Piotr Krzystek, “We hope that the activities carried out by the City will bring the expected results. We all realize how important this topic is, so we must do everything we can to help those who need it so badly.”

The launch of pilot activities under the Program is planned for the second semester of the current school year. A number of institutions and organizations will be involved in the implementation of the task, including, among others, the Municipal Family Assistance Center in Szczecin and the Szczecin Center for Addiction and Co-Addiction Treatment.

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