Pink boxes in Szczecin sports facilities

The nationwide project run by the Pink Box Foundation aims to counter menstrual exclusion. One of the activities is to encourage the placement in public places of a distinctive pink box containing free personal hygiene products for women.

We are building a world in which sanitary pads will be treated on a par with toilet paper – this is the Foundation’s message.

This idea was picked up some time ago by Szczecin schools, universities, cafes and restaurants providing free access to these products.

At the end of April this year, Szczecin sports facilities joined the campaign. The boxes are placed in toilets, locker rooms and other publicly accessible areas. According to Karol Lipinski, director of the Municipal Center for Sports, Recreation and Rehabilitation in Szczecin: a lot of young women train at our facilities. Our task is to provide comfortable conditions for sports, but we also want everyone to feel comfortable here.

You can find a full list of facilities at the link: