Rules for importing animals from Ukraine to Poland

The requirements related to traveling of people with dogs, cats, and ferrets to the EU countries, are covered by special procedures that require animal owners to meet certain conditions. These are primarily a confirmation that the animal has been correctly identified with a microchip and that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, and this vaccination is still valid. In the current extraordinary situation, in connection with the military conflict in Ukraine, animals accompanying their owners crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border may enter Poland, despite failing to meet the above-mentioned requirements. In order to determine the animal’s health status, the owner is obliged to fill in an application, on the basis of which a district veterinarian competent for the place of crossing the border issues an entry permit for such an animal. The permission is very significant. Disclosure of its absence at a later time staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland results in placing the animal in an animal shelter at the owner’s expense and, in special cases, euthanizing the animal.

More information: Ukraina – przemieszczanie zwierząt – tymczasowa procedura | Główny Inspektorat Weterynarii (