How to terminate a contract of employment?

There are several ways to part with your employer. Those are:

  • agreement of the parties – termination of cooperation is possible overnight. Consent to this form of termination must be expressed by two parties;
  • termination of the contract with a notice period – the notice period depends on the length of employment and is as follows:
    • by 2 weeks with employment less than half a year,
    • by 1 month for persons employed for at least half a year,
    • by 3 months for persons employed for at least 3 years.
  • termination of the contract without notice – in this way you can terminate the contract primarily due to the fault of one of the parties.

In the case of temporary employees, the notice period is:

  • 3 days in the case of contracts concluded for a period of up to two weeks,
  • 1 week, when the contract exceeds two weeks.