Author: Przemysław Jerzy

The exchange of hryvnias will be safe

Due to the current political situation related to the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the mass arrival of the country’s inhabitants in Poland there has been a rise in usury activities at currency exchange offices. In certain cases there were recorded attempts at exchanging the hryvnia at a PLN 0.01 rate. One hryvnia worth […]


The PESEL number in Poland is very important. Without a PESEL assigned to you, normal and every day life is virtually impossible in Poland.  Foreigners who live in Poland can and should register – then they will automatically receive a PESEL number. (the next article will concern the registration process) if it’s impossible to register, […]

How to fill out the PIT?

In Poland, there is an annual obligation to settle accounts with the Tax Office. It is a common obligation and failure to do so may result in penalties. PIT can be settled independently using the available tools. Here is a step-by-step instruction: 1/Select e-Tax Office on the website of the Ministry of Finance 2/Log […]

We invite you to visit the official websites run by the City Hall, where you can find the most important local information in Polish, English, German and Ukrainian. Additionally, the magistrate launched a special website addressed to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The above page contains, among others information on issues related […]